Raise awareness of environmental health issues in order to better protect our children and future generations.

EMF Studies

30 April 2016

Wi-Fi in Canadian Schools: A Health and Safety Issue

"The search identified 50 studies published between 1990 and the end of September 2015. Studies were conducted on human subjects, laboratory animals (including two on insects), and tissue and cell cultures. Fifteen (15) found effects on brain chemistry and oxidative stress. Eleven (11) documented DNA (genetic) damage. Adverse effects were reported on behaviour and learning in ten (10) studies. Also affected were the immune and cardiovascular systems. Nine (9) studies found abnormalities in sperm and testes."

Wi-Fi in Canadian Schools: A Health and Safety Issue
Peer-reviewed scientific studies (50) documenting potentially harmful biological effects of Wi-Fi frequency (2.4-2.45 GHz) at or below Health Canada's Safety Code 61 guidelines and recommendations for precautionary measures
by Margaret Friesen M.Sc. on behalf of Canadians for Safe Technology*- 28 November 2015


Potentially harmful health consequences of exposure to non-ionizing radiation from Wi-Fi devices being installed widely in Canadian schools is a growing concern for parents, students, school personnel and those responsible for health and safety in the school environment. Most non-federal Canadian bodies e.g. school boards, defer to Safety Code 6 guidelines for safe Wi-Fi exposure. Safety Code 6 is established by Health Canada, and sets the levels (limits) for "safe" human exposure in the radiofrequency/microwave range for "all individuals working at, or visiting federally regulated sites." Safety Code 6 has been called into question, with federal legislators recommending a full review of the scientific literature, public risk reduction and education. Health Canada has never revealed its entire reference list or its “weight of evidence” analysis to justify determination of Safety Code 6 guidelines.

Famous Names Litter Radiation Death List

Marilyn Laurie
Famous Names Litter Radiation Death List
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 29April 2016

Ted Kennedy, Johnnie Cochran, Robert Novak, Tug McGraw, Bobbie Murcer, Pete Rozelle, Seve Ballesteros, are among the victims of brain cancer possibly caused by cellphone use.

The list of 300+ victims has been compiled by Ellie Marks, head of the California Brain Tumor Assn., whose husband, Alan, survived a brain tumor in 2008. He had been wedded to his cellphone for 20 years in conducting a real estate business.

Their son, Zack, was interning for Senator Ted Kennedy when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, succumbing in 2009.

One person we would add to the list is Marilyn Laurie, VP-PR of AT&T, who died of brain cancer in 2010. We queried AT&T PR staff about her cellphone use but never heard back.

Cellphone alarmists have been shouting their message for nearly ten years but are making little headway with the media, legislators or the general public.

29 April 2016

Cancer by the Carton (1952 Reader's Digest Article)

(Photo:  Pat Wellenbach, AP)
Choice of photo by Editor of
"Towards Better Health"
"Cancer by the Carton", a December 1952 Reader's Digest article on the association between smoking and lung cancer, contributed to the largest drop in cigarette consumption since the Depression.

Cancer by the Carton
by Roy Norr, Condensed from Christian Herald, published in the Reader's Digest, December 1952

Recent medical researches on the relationship of smoking and lung cancer

For three decades the medical controversy over the part played by smoking in the rise of bronchiogenic carcinoma, better known as cancer of the lung, has largely been kept from public notice. More than 26 years ago the late Dr. James Ewing, distinguished pathologist and leading spirit in the organization of the American Association for Cancer Research (now the American Cancer Society), pleaded for a public educational campaign.

“One may hardly aim to eliminate the tobacco habit,” he wrote in his famous essay on cancer prevention, “but cancer propaganda should emphasize the danger signs that go with it.”

Do Screens Give You Headaches? This Town Without Wi-Fi Might Be Your Salvation

Claire Benoist for the Reader's Digest
A person suffering EHS is convinced "the science will prevail and future generations will see the folly of iPhones and laptops just like past ones did of asbestos and cigarettes."

In 1952, Reader's Digest published the article, "Cancer by the Carton," suggesting a plausible relationship between smoking and lung cancer. The article was described in JAMA as "one of the milestones in the history of public awareness of the topic." Original links to articles:
"Cancer by the Carton" and "Historic smoking report marks 50th anniversary". (Also posted on this blog.)

Do Screens Give You Headaches? This Town Without Wi-Fi Might Be Your Salvation
by Michael J. Gaynor, Reader's Digest, May 2016

A strange clash among locals, scientists, and techno-phobes has made this hamlet both a haven and a hell.

You can’t make a call or send a text on your cell phone in Green Bank, West Virginia. Wireless Internet is outlawed, as is Bluetooth. As you approach the tiny town on a two-lane road that snakes through the Allegheny Mountains, the bars on your cell phone fall like dominoes, and the scan function on the radio ceases to work. The rusted pay phone on the north side of town is the only way for a visitor to reach the rest of the world. It’s a premodern place by design, 
devoid of the gadgets and technologies that define life today.

28 April 2016

Canada: Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about Dangers of Wi-Fi in Schools

(Choice of image by Editor of
"Towards Better Health")
Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada
Posted on the Facebook page of Coalition to Stop Smart Meters on 28 April 2016

Below is a very important letter written to the Prime Minister about the dangers of having wifi in schools by a very courageous and dedicated teacher.
(The attachments referred to in this letter have been put on to the CST website and links are provided below the letter.)

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

My name is xxxxx. I am teacher in Edmonton, Alberta, and am a Canadian Teacher who is extremely thankful for the information that Jerry Flynn shared with you in his e-mail of 4/14/16 about the serious health (and security) risks that wireless radiation is posing to Canadian citizens, and in particular, to children in school. I spearhead Alberta Safe Schools, and also a volunteer as the Alberta Lead for Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST), founded and led by former President of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg.

You will see from the attached letter that I am not the only teacher concerned about serious multigenerational health risks, but also about the failure of schools to accommodate students and teachers who suffer Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), and require accommodations for medical reasons as required by the Canadian Human Rights Act. Some of the largest Teachers' Unions in Canada are calling for a moratorium on WiFi due to peer reviewed health effects. Teachers are being forced into early retirement, or unpaid medical leaves due to adverse effects of powerful industrial strength WiFi systems in schools. Articles from the Canadian Teachers’ Magazine, and the Alberta Teachers’ Association as referenced in exhibit A (below), reinforce that this is an urgent matter that will affect all Canadians and future generations for years to come.

27 April 2016

“50+ EMF Safety Tips & Insights”: Overview of Cell Phone & Wireless Technology Hazards

Don’t Fly Planes with Wi-Fi Says EMF Health Advocate
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 26 April 2016

Avoid airlines with in-flight wireless, says EMF health advocate Camilla Rees, who notes an airline is a “metal cage” and is “an especially high risk environment for radiation.” One airline providing on-board Wi-Fi is Delta.

The small windows don’t do much to dispel the radiation, she notes in a list of 54 “safety tips and insights” that is the most complete discussion of this topic that we have seen. She is the founder of Electromagnetic Health.

Lloyd Burrell of electricsense.com, explains why cellphones are especially dangerous in metal enclosures such as cars.

“Using your cell phone in your car is dangerous and not just because it can cause an accident,” he writes. “There’s also a direct effect on your health.

“The radio frequency radiation from your cell phone reflected back by the car’s metallic structure magnifies the radiation. It’s called the Faraday cage effect. Would you consider sticking your head in a microwave oven when it’s turned on? I don’t think so.

'Show Me the Wi-Fi Bodies' Policy Rapped by Davis

Devra Davis
'Show Me the Wi-Fi Bodies' Policy Rapped by Davis
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 25 April 2016

Governments, companies, scientists and others who want a “pile of bodies” before they limit Wi-Fi and other radiation remind Devra Davis of temporizing when smoking, asbestos and air pollution became health threats. Wi-Fi and EMR health advocates need better PR.

Davis, an epidemiologist and author of Disconnect, published “Show me the bodies: a monumental public policy failure,” April 18 on the Oxford University Press blog.

Waiting for deaths to pile up due to a health hazard “seems a cruel and outdated foundation for public policy,” she says. The article has links to 18 supporting documents and websites.

Lung disease in teenagers working with asbestos in the 19th century was ignored until there was evidence of an “epidemic toll,” she writes.

“The situation now posed by cellphones and wireless transmitting devices appears eerily reminiscent of what has transpired with tobacco, asbestos and air pollution,” she said.

26 April 2016

30th Anniversary of Chernobyl: 30 Ways Chernobyl and Dying Nuke Industry Threaten Our Survival

Greenpeace action at the Bohunice nuclear power plant in Czechoslovakia,
near the Austrian border.  Activists erected 5,000 wooden crosses on
15 April 1991 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Chernobyl
disaster and appealed to the Czech government to close the outdated
Soviet-built plant.
 Photo:  © Greenpeace / Veronika Leitinger
30 Ways Chernobyl and Dying Nuke Industry Threaten Our Survival
by Harvey Wasserman, EcoWatch, 25 April 2016

April 26 marks the 30th anniversary of the catastrophic explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

It comes as Germany, which is phasing out all its reactors, has asked Belgium to shut two of its nukes because of the threat of terrorism.

It also comes as advancing efficiencies and plunging prices in renewable energy remind us that nukes stand in the way of solving our climate crisis.

And it makes us remember the second and third biggest lies told us by the atomic power industry: that no commercial nuke could explode, and that no one would be harmed by reactor fallout.

Prior to the 1986 disaster at Chernobyl, there was at least one minor explosion (on March 28, 1979) at Three Mile Island (TMI) in Pennsylvania. Thankfully, TMI Unit 2’s containment dome was uniquely solid. The site is in the flight path of the Harrisburg airport. Citizen activists had demanded Unit 2’s containment be able to withstand a jet crash. So they forced construction upgrades that may have saved millions of lives when the reactor was stretched to its limits.

Interview with Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor, Natalia Manzurova

Natalia Manzurova, shown here in 1988 in the "dead zone"
of Pripyat, is one of the relatively few survivors among
those directly involved in the cleanup of Chernobyl.

REPOSTED 26 April 2016, on the 30th anniversary of Chernobyl:

In memory of all those affected by the nuclear accidents at Fukushima and Chernobyl :

Shortly after the Fukushima nuclear accident occurred in March 2011, Natalia Manzurova granted this interview with aol.com. She is one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the cleanup of Chernobyl. Just after the nuclear catastrophe, the 35-year-old engineer was told to report to the wrecked plant in northern Ukraine. She spent 4 1/2 years helping clean the abandoned town of Pripyat, which was less than two miles from the Chernobyl reactors. Several years after working there, she developed a benign thyroid tumor. Half the thyroid was removed. Around the time of the operation, the government passed a law saying the liquidators had to work for exactly 4 1/2 years to get their pension and retire. The law concerning benefits kept changing because the government did not want to admit to what extent the liquidators were being affected. It would have looked bad for the industry. “The nuclear industry is dangerous. They want to deny the dangers.” Manzurova became disabled at age 43. Today she is an advocate for radiation victims worldwide.

Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor's Message for Japan: 'Run Away as Quickly as Possible'
by Dana Kennedy, aol.com, 22 March 2011

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the long cleanup of Chernobyl, was a 35-year-old engineer at a nuclear plant in Ozersk, Russia, in April 1986 when she and 13 other scientists were told to report to the wrecked, burning plant in the northern Ukraine.

25 April 2016

Why Our Children Should Hate Us

Director Andrew Wakefield (left), Editor Brian Burrows
(middle), and Producer Del Bigtree (right) review the data
from the CDC Autism/MMR study.
This is the article on the movie "Vaxxed" that has been blocked for publication by from the Huffington Post.  Lance Simmens has written 180 articles for the Huffington Post over the last 8 years.  Permission to access his account at the paper was also withdrawn, but since restored.  Mr. Simmens has spent 40 years in politics. He concludes his article by saying:  "We must begin by electing leaders who will restore the balance that is needed to protect at the very least our children."

Why Our Children Should Hate Us
by Lance Simmens, laprogressive.com,
16 April 2016

Vaxxed, the controversial documentary alleging a direct causal relationship between vaccines and exponential increases in autism amongst children is a deeply disturbing and hence critically important piece of work that will cause many sleepless nights for parents of infants everywhere.

I had the honor of both watching the film and participating in a discussion afterwards with its Producer, Del Bigtree and Director, Dr. Andrew Wakefield. It is a must see film and deserves to serve as a catalyst for a national discussion of the role of mandatory vaccines for children and the role of the pharmaceutical industry in government decision-making.

Media Blackout Grows: The Huffington Post Pulls Vaxxed Movie Review

Media blackout grows: The Huffington Post pulls Vaxxed movie review
Posted by Jonathan Landsman, naturalhealth365.com, 
20 April 2016

(NaturalHealth365) The censorship continues to grow for the documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” with the online news aggregator and blog site The Huffington Post removing a long-time contributor’s review of the film. HuffPo contributor Lance Simmens says he had recently submitted his article only to find it had been removed a short time later. Later, Simmens discovered he could no longer access his account. (so much for ‘freedom of speech’)

Note: As of this article’s publication date: Simmens account has just been restored – but his review of the Movie is still being blocked from publication at The Huffington Post. Here’s the article called “Why Our Children Should Hate Us.”

In his column, Simmens described the documentary as a “must see” film. He expressed hope it could serve as a catalyst for a national discussion on the role of mandatory vaccines for children as well as the role big pharma plays in government decision making.

Watch this enlightening interview of Lance Simmens – as he describes how his article got censored:]
[See original article.

Mainstream media unwilling to risk pharmaceutical advertising dollars

National Cancer Institute and JAMA Medical Journal Admit: “Oops… It Wasn’t Cancer After All”

National Cancer Institute and JAMA Medical Journal Admit: “Oops… It Wasn’t Cancer After All”
by Sayer Ji, Contributing writer for Wake Up World, 22 April 2016

After decades of wrongful cancer diagnoses and treatments, and millions harmed, the National Cancer Institute and high gravitas journals like JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) finally admit they were wrong all along.

Back in 2012, The National Cancer Institute convened an expert panel to evaluate the problem of cancer’s misclassification and subsequent overdiagnosis and overtreatment, determining that millions may have been wrongly diagnosed with “cancer” of the breast, prostate, thyroid, and lung, when in fact their conditions were likely harmless, and should have been termed “indolent or benign growths of epithelial origin.” No apology was issued. No major media coverage occurred. And more importantly, no radical change occurred in the conventional practice of cancer diagnosis, prevention, or treatment.

Nurse with Rare Brain Disorder Wins $4 Million Suit Against Hospital (2014 Article)

New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Photo:  Asadorian Mejia
“This is a hospital worth $4 billion,” said her attorney, Derek Smith. “You would think that a hospital with a reputation for taking care of its patients would also take care of its employees.”

Nurse with rare brain disorder wins $4M suit against hospital
by Selim Algar, New York Post, 
23 November 2014

A Manhattan nurse practitioner with a rare brain disorder won a $4 million judgment last week against New York Presbyterian Hospital — seven years ­after she sued the hospital for forcing her to work in units that exacerbated her painful condition.

Rebecca Serdans, 48, has dystonia, a neurological condition that impairs mobility. In 2004, doctors implanted a deep brain stimulator in her head to ease the symptoms.

Electromagnetic waves — abundant at New York Presbyterian, where Serdans worked — disrupt the effectiveness of the device.

Florida: Another Cellphone Tower Disguised as Cross

Camouflaged cells, Phoenix, Arizona
Betty Beaumont, 2004
[Diabolical...]  "The pastor said he signed a 30 to 40-year contract, approved by the county, that could fetch the church anywhere from $1,500 to more than $5,000 per month."

Another cellphone tower disguised as cross nearly finished
by Matt Grant, wesh.com, 15 December 2015

Longwood, Florida

LONGWOOD, Fla. —Many people might have driven past it without knowing what it really was, and that's the goal.

Cellphone towers are popping up more and more, but not everyone wants one in their backyard. So now, carriers are getting creative -- call it divine service.

24 April 2016

Switzerland: Invest in an Awareness-Raising Campaign to Protect the Population from Electromagnetic Pollution

Doctors are concerned about the eventual increase in
the [emission] strength of mobile phone installations.
Invest in an awareness-raising campaign
by Meris Michaels, readers' mail, 24 heures,
18 April 2016

Re:  "Fighting against mobile phone antennas" ("Montée au front contre les antennes mobiles" - 24 heures, 12 April 2016)

Thank you to the author for her excellent article on mobile antennas which includes the warning by Doctors in Favor of the Environment (MfE) regarding health risks of mobile phones.  The fact that the limit values, based solely on thermal effects (and not biological), are ten times lower in Switzerland compared to other countries in Europe does not make electromagnetic (EM) pollution safer.  In the magazine published in January 2016 by CSS Insurance, the president of MfE, Dr. Peter Kälin, asserts:  "More and more evidence suggests that electromagnetic pollution, even below the limit values, is harmful to health."

The increase in limit values will encourage use of mobile phones and fatten the profits of telecommunications companies.  In fact, isn't the purpose of this action to power the economy?  What about the health of the population?

Wireless Is the Next "Big Short"

"Current levels of wireless exposure are unsafe and unsustainable. It is inevitable that people will experience a decline in their health and functioning due to this exposure to wireless. There are thousands of peer reviewed and published studies that discuss the symptoms of wireless exposure and even explain the underlying biological mechanisms of harm with new studies being published every week."
Wireless Is the Next "Big Short"
Clear Light Ventures, 18 April 2016

A recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen from an average of twelve seconds to eight seconds, which is now lower than a goldfish’s nine second attention span. If you can make it to the end of this short article, I will explain why.

The occupational safety hazards of microwave exposure from radar have been accepted and well documented in the military and in the aviation industry for decades, yet the general population in the US is now exposed to high levels wireless (in the microwave band) with almost no protection or disclosures about public health effects. The United States is also currently experiencing an epidemic of chronic health issues, including developmental disorders like autism and ADHD, and mental health conditions, which have increased dramatically over the last twenty years.

The Internet of Things: A $3 Trillion Market in 2020

Image source:  John Deere
[While reading this article, pause to reflect on these words from a member of the Swiss parliament:  "We see technological advances, industrialization, and economic growth as progress, but are these actually progressive from a social and ecological point of view?  We must think of future generations, consider the aftermath, and be very attentive to the impact of this progress."]

A $3 Trillion Market in 2020: 3 Sectors You Need to Watch
by Chris Neiger, (TMFNewsie), fool.com, 
17 April 2016

The Internet of Things will touch nearly every industry and offers massive opportunities for investors.

Less than four years from now, there will be tens of billions of things connected to the Internet. I'm not just talking about computers, tablets, or smartphones, either. I'm talking about manhole covers, jet engines, conveyor belts in factories, plants, and even cows.

It's called the Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Everything, and it's more than just a passing technology fad. In fact, all of those things I just listed above are already being connected to the Internet. Some farmers are tracking their cows via the Internet, through chips implanted in their ears. And manufacturers are keeping an eye on conveyor belts via sensors connected to the Internet to make sure equipment doesn't overheat.

23 April 2016

California: Bill Seeks To Pull Plug on Landline Phone Service

[We need to keep those landline phones!]:  "The California Brain Tumor Association has taken the position that electromagnetic radiation associated with cell phones and WiFi pose unacceptable health risks, especially to children."

Bill Seeks To Pull Plug on Landline Phone Service

by Sandy Wells, kabc.com, 22 April 2016

What’s left of old-fashioned telephone landline service could soon disappear altogether in California. In government parlance it’s called POTS, or Plain Old Telephone Service; a corded phone connected to the outside world over a copper wire. It has one important advantage over the versatility and convenience of mobile devices and that is during a major power outage this service will remain viable long after cell phone and laptop batteries die.

New Study Finds Smartphones Can Be Seriously Damaging to Children's Eyes

New study finds smart phones are doing damage to
children's eyes
Kids going CROSS-EYED after spending too much time on smart phones
by Zoie O'Brien, express.co.uk, 21 April 2016

SMART-PHONES are making children go cross-eyed, new research has found.

Researchers in South Korea have confirmed most parents' fears with their research which has concluded time spent on phones can be seriously damaging.

Youngsters who excessively use their phones are at greater risk of temporary convergent strabismus - or going 'cross-eyed' the new study says.

Experts at Chonnam National University Hospital, Seoul, found a link between the two after examining 12 children, aged seven to 16, who used their phones for four to eight hours a day.

Polish Government Prepares Act on Electromagnetic Protection

Polish government prepares act on electromagnetic protection
telecompaper.com, 22 April 2016

The Polish Ministry of Digitalisation has announced its preparation of an act on the control of the effects of electromagnetic radiation from radiocommunications devices on human life and health, reports Telko.in. The first consultations are planned for the beginning of May. Discussions on public concerns related to electromagnetic radiation are conducted under the patronage of the President's Office.

After the first round of the discussions, the ministry decided to withdraw the controversial provision on facilitating the placement of radiocommunications devices from the draft amendment of the act to support telecommunications services and network development.

22 April 2016

EMR Action Day: 23 April 2016

The worldwide EMR Action Day is this Saturday. Switch off your Wi-Fi, tablets, and cell phones to reconnect with the earth and people! 

This day was created to raise awareness about the biological harm that wireless radiation is doing to the world. In some locations wireless radiation is almost a trillion times higher than it would naturally be. This is one day that we can all come together and reduce its impact.

We must work together to educate others about the importance of using wires instead of wireless for our computers and other devices. It is important for people to learn that cell phones should be off the body when on and away from the head when being used. They need to know that children should only use cell phones in an emergency.

Governments must recognize the biological impact of wireless radiation and act to protect the public. Your participation in this action day and being a part of our community adds to the momentum of enlightenment that is occurring in the world. There are many countries now creating legislation to protect their citizens from wireless radiation. We must work to ensure that there is a worldwide referendum to stop this wireless radiation experiment that none of us signed up for!

The Top 4 Reasons for the Bees Dying Off

Learn the top 4 reasons for the bees dying off.  The bees
are under a quadruple assault, and Monsanto and its
Big Agra pals are only half the problem.
The Top 4 Reasons for the Bees Dying Off
toolsforfreedom.com (2015)

Why are all the bees dying off?

It has been a few years since the world started to become aware of the phenomenon of bees dying off, and labeled it CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). It is a grave concern, for we are totally dependent upon the bees to pollinate and help food grow. Einstein famously said that if bees disappeared from the Earth, humanity would only survive for around another 4 years. The subject of bees dying off has been in the news again lately, with a study done by researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), Macquarie University in Sydney, Washington University in St Louis and the University of Sydney. Their study concluded that the problem may be bee stress. They found that stress factors were leading to older bees dying more quickly than normal, leading to a situation where younger bees had to begin foraging earlier than they would have otherwise, which in turn was leading to a younger foraging population, poorer performance and quicker deaths of foragers.

Healing the Brain Solutions Seminar: London, 18 June 2016

Healing The Brain Solutions Seminar
Klinghardt Institute

The brain is in crisis. The neurological disorders linked to the brain are increasing exponentially, not linearly: memory loss, hyperactivity, attention deficit, MS, Autism (doubling rates every 5 years), Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (rates doubling every 20 years).

In this workshop we will show solutions to the causes of chronic brain dysfunction which often lead to significant improvement, healing and longevity of the brain. A healed brain can create a healed life – relationships improve, health improves, joy and money return …

The brain is in crisis. The neurological disorders linked to the brain are increasing exponentially, not linearly: memory loss, hyperactivity, attention deficit, MS, Autism (doubling rates every 5 years), Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease (rates doubling every 20 years).

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Facilitate Vesicle Endocytosis by Increasing Presynaptic Calcium Channel Expression at a Central Synapse

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Facilitate Vesicle Endocytosis by Increasing Presynaptic Calcium Channel Expression at a Central Synapse
Sci Rep. 2016; 6: 21774. Published online 2016 Feb 18. doi: 10.1038/srep21774
PMCID: PMC4757866

Zhi-cheng Sun,1,* Jian-long Ge,1,* Bin Guo,2,* Jun Guo,1 Mei Hao,1 Yi-chen Wu,1 Yi-an Lin,1 Ting La,1 Pan-tong Yao,1Yan-ai Mei,3 Yi Feng,a,4 and Lei Xueb,1


Accumulating evidence suggests significant biological effects caused by extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF). Although exo-endocytosis plays crucial physical and biological roles in neuronal communication, studies on how ELF-EMF regulates this process are scarce. By directly measuring calcium currents and membrane capacitance at a large mammalian central nervous synapse, the calyx of Held, we report for the first time that ELF-EMF critically affects synaptic transmission and plasticity. Exposure to ELF-EMF for 8 to 10 days dramatically increases the calcium influx upon stimulation and facilitates all forms of vesicle endocytosis, including slow and rapid endocytosis, endocytosis overshoot and bulk endocytosis, but does not affect the RRP size and exocytosis. Exposure to ELF-EMF also potentiates PTP, a form of short-term plasticity, increasing its peak amplitude without impacting its time course. We further investigated the underlying mechanisms and found that calcium channel expression, including the P/Q, N, and R subtypes, at the presynaptic nerve terminal was enhanced, accounting for the increased calcium influx upon stimulation. Thus, we conclude that exposure to ELF-EMF facilitates vesicle endocytosis and synaptic plasticity in a calcium-dependent manner by increasing calcium channel expression at the nerve terminal.

Life-Span Exposure to Sinusoidal-50 Hz Magnetic field and Acute Low-Dose γ Radiation Induce Carcinogenic Effects in Sprague-Dawley Rats

"The results of the study showed significant carcinogenic effects for the mammary gland in males and females and a significant increased incidence of malignant schwannomas of the heart as well as increased incidence of lymphomas/leukemias in males. Conclusions: These results call for a re-evaluation of the safety of non-ionizing radiation."

Life-span exposure to sinusoidal-50 Hz magnetic field and acute low-dose γ radiation induce carcinogenic effects in Sprague-Dawley rats.
Int J Radiat Biol. 2016 Apr;92(4):202-14. doi: 10.3109/09553002.2016.1144942. Epub 2016 Feb 19.

Soffritti M1, Tibaldi E1, Padovani M1, Hoel DG2, Giuliani L3, Bua L1, Lauriola M1, Falcioni L1, Manservigi M1, Manservisi F1, Panzacchi S1, Belpoggi F1.

Author information


The Reciprocal Longitudinal Relationships Between Mobile Phone Addiction and Depressive Symptoms Among Korean Adolescents

The reciprocal longitudinal relationships between mobile phone addiction and depressive symptoms among Korean adolescents
Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 58, May 2016, Pages 179–186

Sangmin Jun

  • Mobile phone addiction increased consistently over time.
  • Depressive symptoms increased consistently over time.
  • Mobile phone addiction affected depressive symptoms over time.
  • Depressive symptoms influenced mobile phone addiction over time.


The Effect of Prenatal Exposure to 1800 MHz Electromagnetic Field on Calcineurin and Bone Development in Rats

"Conclusion:   Bone and muscle tissue development was negatively affected due to prenatal exposure to 1800 MHz radiofrequency electromagnetic field."

The effect of prenatal exposure to 1800 MHz electromagnetic field on calcineurin and bone development in rats1
Acta Cir. Bras. vol.31 no.2 São Paulo Feb. 2016

Adem ErkutI , Levent TumkayaII , Mehmet Sabri BalikIII , Yildiray KalkanIV , Yilmaz GuvercinV , Adnan YilmazVI , Suleyman YuceVII , Erkan CureVIII , Ibrahim SehitogluIX


To investigated the effects of exposure to an 1800 MHz electromagnetic field (EMF) on bone development during the prenatal period in rats.

Effects of Cell Phone Use on Semen Parameters: Results from the MARHCS Cohort Study in Chongqing, China

"Our results showed that certain aspects of cell phone use may negatively affect sperm quality in men by decreasing the semen volume, sperm concentration, or sperm count, thus impairing male fertility."

Effects of cell phone use on semen parameters: Results from the MARHCS cohort study in Chongqing, China
Environment International, Volume 91, May 2016, Pages 116–121

Guowei Zhanga, Huan Yana, Qing Chena, Kaijun Liua, Xi Linga, Lei Suna, Niya Zhoua, Zhi Wanga,
Peng Zoua, Xiaogang Wanga, Lu Tana, Zhihong Cuia, Ziyuan Zhoub, Jinyi Liua, Lin Aoa, Jia Caoa

  • Certain aspects of cell phone use negatively affect semen quality.
  • Internet use via cellular networks has become an important risk to semen quality.
  • The use of 3G or more advanced networks might have less damage to human sperm.
  • Recruiting subjects from a general population makes the study typical and relevant.

Computers in Your Clothes? A Milestone for Wearable Electronics

Computers in your clothes? A milestone for wearable electronics
sciencedaily.com, 13 April 2016

Clothes that receive and transmit digital information are closer to reality

(Photo):  Researchers at The Ohio State University are developing embroidered antennas and circuits with 0.1 mm precision -- the perfect size to integrate electronic components such as sensors and computer memory devices into clothing. They are also exploring other uses for the technology, including this flexible circuit that contains an RFID chip.  Credit: Photo by Jo McCulty, courtesy of The Ohio State University

Source: Ohio State University
Summary:Researchers who are working to develop wearable electronics have reached a milestone: They are able to embroider circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision -- the perfect size to integrate electronic components such as sensors and computer memory devices into clothing.

Researchers who are working to develop wearable electronics have reached a milestone: They are able to embroider circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision -- the perfect size to integrate electronic components such as sensors and computer memory devices into clothing.

21 April 2016

The Wireless Technology ‘Conspiracy’ is Not a Theory

“Until there are bodies in the streets, I don’t think anything is going to change.”

OPINION: The Wireless Technology ‘Conspiracy’ is Not a Theory

by Bonnie Masters, Special to the Post, Pagosa Daily Post (Pagosa Springs, Colorado),  20 April 2016

“What we’re doing is a grand world experiment without informed consent.”

— Microwave researcher Allan Frey

In the backstory of wireless technology, ‘conspiracy’ is not a theory.

Over the past 20 years wireless technology has become embedded in our lives, to a point of dependence and addiction that is quite amazing to me. My study of the health effects of weak EMFs keeps circling back to the history of how the wireless industry developed into a very powerful political lobby, revealing deepening layers of a dark backstory. It’s a story of directed science used to benefit the military and the telecom industry in their operations, and of suppressed science when findings were not to the industry’s liking — and of a practice of discrediting scientists and their studies that dared report findings not in agreement with the military-industry version of reality.

There’s even an element of deliberate scientific misinformation about microwave effects, published during the Cold War years under the guise of national security.

Chromebooks Becoming Distracting to Student Learning

Senior Elliot Sloate gets distracted by games
on his chromebook during a class.
Photo by Johnny Greenzaid
Chromebooks Becoming Distracting to Student Learning
by Jonathan Greenzaid, Senior Writer, thechurchillobserver.com, 18 April 2016 
(Winston Churchill High School (Maryland) newspaper)

As a lesson on social norms is given in psychology class, I look around and notice multiple computer screens filled not with slideshows or notes related to the class topic, but with games and videos.

Chromebooks, meant to be a tool utilized for classroom learning, have become little more than distractions to students. Chromebooks should not be used in the classroom because they affect students’ academic performance.

Chromebooks are supposed to better a student’s learning environment. However, they do the opposite by making it harder for students to learn.

According to a 2003 Cornell University study, students who multi-tasked during a lecture scored lower on a test compared to students who did not multitask.

If students used nothing more than a notebook and pen to take notes, there would be little distractions within the classroom.

According to a Princeton University and UCLA study, students who took notes by hand performed better on quizzes and tests than those who took notes on computers.

Israel: Haifa to Shut School Wireless Networks

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav with school children.
(Choice of photo by Editor of "Towards Better Health")
Haifa to Shut School Wireless Networks
by Dror Halavi, hamodia.com, 19 April 2016

The roots of the decision go back to a 2013 petition by parents in four schools who claim that such networks are harmful. The case eventually made its way to the High Court, which has postponed a final decision on the matter. But due to public pressure that has occasionally erupted into protests, the city has decided to suspend wireless connectivity for the time being.YERUSHALAYIM - Are wireless networks hazardous to students’ health? The data is not clear, with studies indicating that exposure to the radio waves that allow for unwired connectivity have either no effect on people, or can be a link in the formation of numerous diseases such as cancer. Until a convincing argument on either side of the issue is presented, the Haifa Municipality is removing wireless connectivity from its schools.

The movement has spread from Haifa to other cities as well, and petitions have been signed by parents in dozens of cities demanding the removal of the networks. Haifa is the first city to take action on the matter.

Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav said that the city would replace the wireless network with a wired connection that will provide safer options to students.


Israel Wi-Fi Breakthroughs: TV Documentary, School Ban

Israel Wi-Fi Breakthroughs: TV Documentary, School Ban
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 20 April 2016

Wi-Fi health advocates were exultant today at news that an Israeli TV documentary titled “How We are Killing Ourselves—Wireless Radiation” won a high rating and Haifi ordered Wi-Fi removed from all schools.

The 30-minute documentary about the “epidemic of Electro-Sensitivity” (ES) aired at 9 p.m. April 12 and “received the highest rating of the day,” according to Dafna Tachover, an attorney with offices in Israel and New York.

She provided a link to the show to Wi-Fi health advocates in other countries noting that while the video is in Hebrew there are some interviews in English.

Tachover said the director planned to do 10 minutes on ES as part of a film about the diseases of the 21st century but after working with health advocates “understood the extent of the problem and the lie and how important it is to give an uncompromising warning to the public.” It was then decided to do 30 minutes mainly on ES and Wi-Fi in schools.

International Touring Show Is the World's First Theatrical Treatment of Electrosmog

Jonathan Mirin as Innocenzo
Piti Theatre Company to perform Boston area premiere of all ages musical-clown performance "Innocenzo" at Framingham Earth Day Festival, Saturday April 30 at noon.

International touring show is the world's first theatrical treatment of electrosmog
Contact:  Jonathan – 413-625-6569
19 April 2016

In 2010, Godeliève Richard, a Swiss dancer and choreographer who had married an American actor and playwright named Jonathan Mirin, fell ill in an apartment in Boston. She was taken to the emergency room with nausea and dizziness, treated for dehydration and diagnosed with a possible virus. The couple drove back to their home in Shelburne Falls, MA the next morning and soon began making the rounds of doctors and specialists in the western part of the state because the dizziness simply did not go away and a range of other debilitating symptoms settled in.

Three years later, at a clinic in Switzerland, Ms. Richard was diagnosed with electro-hypersensitivity or EHS, a syndrome known under various names since the 1930's when it was first described in a German medical journal as "radio wave sickness." Ms. Richard had many of the hallmark symptoms including headache, fatigue, dizziness, sleep difficulties, tinnitus and memory/concentration difficulties.

20 April 2016

Deadly Combination – Mobile Phones and Amalgam Fillings

Read the following article and abstract of a scientific study on the subject.

Deadly Combination – Mobile Phones and Amalgam Fillings!
happyandsmartlife.com, (posted April 2016)

Do you have amalgam fillings? Do you use a mobile phone? If the answer is yes, then your health is in danger! Moreover, there is an abundance of research which point out to the danger coming from the radio frequent electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones. What’s more, there is also a lot of research pointing out to the health risk associated with amalgam fillings. However, what you did not know is that the newest research shows that this two health risks are related!

19 April 2016

Exiled Scientist: 'Chernobyl Is Not Finished, It Has Only Just Begun'

"If you were told that a lot is already known in Ukraine and Belarus about what Chernobyl has done to these countries, than I can tell you that you are wrong... It is only after 30 years that we are starting to see the real impact.
I am very much afraid that in one or two generations from now, the (descendants) of the population of Belarus and Ukraine that were affected by Chernobyl will vanish."

Exiled scientist: 'Chernobyl is not finished, it has only just begun'

king5.com, 18 April 2016

Yury Bandazhevsky, 59, was the first scientist in Belarus to establish an institute to study Chernobyl’s impact on people's health, particularly children, near the city of Gomel, about 120 miles over the border from Ukraine. He was arrested in Belarus in 1999 and sentenced to eight years in prison for allegedly taking bribes from parents trying to get their children admitted to his Gomel State Medical Institute. He denied the charges.

Washington State: Leak Worsens in Massive Hanford Tank Holding Nuclear Waste

An emergency response is underwas at Hanford where
a tank is leaking radioactive waste.
Leak worsens in massive Hanford tank holding nuclear waste
by Susannah Frame, king5.com, 18 April 2016

A leak in a massive nuclear waste storage tank at the Hanford Site has expanded significantly, KING 5 learned this weekend.

After leak detector alarms sounded early Sunday morning, crews at Hanford lowered a camera into the two-foot-wide space between the tank's inner and outer walls. They discovered 8.4 inches of radioactive and chemically toxic waste has seeped into the annulus.

The U.S. Department of Energy released a statement Monday calling the leak an "anticipated" outcome of an ongoing effort to empty the tank in question. The Washington state Department of Ecology said, "There is no indication of waste leaking into the environment or risk to the public at this time."

But one former tank farm worker said the leak should be considered a major problem.

Wi-Fi Now 2016: Donna Hughes, Wi-Fi Advocate, Speaks Today at Confab

[Author, Donna Rice Hughes, speaks
of "safe" Wi-Fi in terms of blocking
children's access to pornography.]
Donna Hughes, Wi-Fi Advocate, Speaks Today at Confab
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 19 April 2016

Donna Rice Hughes, who campaigns for “safe” Wi-Fi for children, meaning blocking their access to internet porn, speaks at 1:30 p.m. today at Sheraton Tysons Corner, Va. Web health advocates say the Wi-Fi bombarding children in classrooms is anything but “safe.”

The health advocates don’t like the term “safe” used in any context in connection with Wi-Fi. Nor do they like the term“Friendly Wi-Fi” which originated in the U.K. and is being brought here by Hughes. She has been working on blocking kids from web porn since 1994 via Enough is Enough.

Hughes is speaking at Wi-Fi Now USA 2016 at the Sheraton.

Meeting chair Claus Hetting withdrewpress registration for the O’Dwyer Co. after being told we want speakers to address health issues raised by Wi-Fi and other radiation.

We especially wanted to be able to cover the talk by Hughes today and the talk by Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at 11 a.m. Thursday which is labeled “Fireside Chat.”

Show Me the Bodies: A Monumental Public Health Failure

"The situation now posed by cellphones and wireless transmitting devices around the world appears eerily reminiscent of what has transpired with tobacco, asbestos, and air pollution. A brave young 21-year-old woman from eastern Pennsylvania, Tiffany Frantz has come forward with the story of her own rare cancerous breast tumors that formed right under the antennae of the cellphone she kept in her bra."

Show me the bodies:  a monumental public health failure

by Devra Davis, Oxford Bibliographies in Environmental Science, 18 April 2016

In the 21st century, “show-me-the-bodies” seems a cruel and outdated foundation for public policy. Yet history is littered with examples—like tobacco and asbestos—where only after the death toll mounts is the price of inaction finally understood to exceed that of action. In 19th century England, women factory inspectorate workers’ warnings about crippling lung disease in teenagers working with asbestos were ignored until evidence of the epidemic toll of factory work became overwhelming more than a half century later. Modern parallels are very much with us. Lung cancer in a young Chinese girl who grew up in a polluted urban environment and breast cancer in a 21-year-old young woman who kept her cell phone in her bras are stunning indications of modern hazards where we cannot afford to wait for broader public impacts before reining in exposures.

Smart Meter Dangers, Who Knew and Did Not Sound the Alarm?

Thorner:  Smart Meter Dangers, Who Knew and Did Not Sound the Alarm?
by Nancy Thorner, Illinois Review, 16 April 2016

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) is pushing for the deployment of 4,000,000 smart meters despite the fact that government agencies and the military have known for decades that Radio Frequency/microwaves can cause serious health effects.

This information is not new; it is just being brought to the forefront as a health crisis is emerging in Illinois. ComEd is using the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act, also known as the “smart grid modernization bill” (written by ComEd lobbyists), and the Illinois Commerce Commission’s interpretation of that bill, as justification for installing millions of wireless smart meters.

The RF/microwave emissions from smart meters are listed by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer ‘IARC’ as a Class 2B Carcinogen. That makes this the first time in history a known carcinogen has been mandated on ALL homes, schools, and government buildings.

Sperm DNA Damage - the Effect of Stress and Everyday Life Factors

"Our findings indicate that stress and lifestyle factor may affect sperm DNA damage. Data from the present study showed a significant effect of age, obesity, mobile phone radiation and occupational stress on sperm DNA damage."

Sperm DNA damage—the effect of stress and everyday life factors

International Journal of Impotence Research. Advance online publication 14 April 2016; doi: 10.1038/ijir.2016.15

M Radwan, J Jurewicz, D Merecz-Kot, W Sobala, P Radwan, M Bochenek, W Hanke


The clinical significance of sperm DNA damage lies in its association with natural conception rates and also might have a serious consequence on developmental outcome of the newborn.

Ultrathin Organic Material Enhances E-Skin Display

Ultrathin organic material enhances e-skin display
University of Tokyo, 15 April 2016

University of Tokyo researchers have developed an ultrathin, ultraflexible, protective layer and demonstrated its use by creating an air-stable, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display. This technology will enable creation of electronic skin (e-skin) displays of blood oxygen level, e-skin heart rate sensors for athletes and many other applications.

Integrating electronic devices with the human body to enhance or restore body function for biomedical applications is the goal of researchers around the world. In particular, wearable electronics need to be thin and flexible to minimize impact where they attach to the body. However, most devices developed so far have required millimeter-scale thickness glass or plastic substrates with limited flexibility, while micrometer-scale thin flexible organic devices have not been stable enough to survive in air.

France: Smart Meter Row Heads to Court

Smart meter row heads to court
connexionfrance.com, 19 April 2016

ELECTRICITY company ERDF is taking a Seine-et-Marne town to court over its decision to prohibit the installation of ‘smart’ Linky electricity meters.

ERDF, a subsidiary of EDF that manages the public electricity distribution network, said that it had taken the ‘exceptional’ decision to seek a legal ruling from the tribunal administratif de Melun because it believes that towns do not have the authority to ban the company from installing the meters.

In December, councillors in Varennes-sur-Seine voted against allowing the meters pending ‘more complete results on constraints, hazards and risks’ particularly in relation to electromagnetic waves. Le Parisien reports.

16 April 2016

Apple Under Pressure as Lawyers Pledge Action Over 'Error 53' Codes

iPhone 6s can be 'bricked' if software upgrades detect that
the touch ID fingerprint recognition and/or the home
button is not the original.
Photo:  Michaela Rehle/Reuters
Apple under pressure as lawyers pledge action over 'Error 53' codes
by Miles Brignall, The Guardian, 
8 February 2016

Lawyers ponder class action suit against tech giant over ‘reckless policy’ of permanently disabling iPhone 6 handsets after software upgrades

Apple has come under pressure to scrap its controversial policy of permanentlydisabling repaired iPhone 6s when software is upgraded, following a global consumer backlash and claims the company could be acting illegally.

At least one firm of US lawyers said it hopes to bring a class action against the technology giant on behalf of victims whose £500 phones have been rendered worthless by an Apple software upgrade.

In the UK, a barrister told the Guardian that Apple’s “reckless” policy of effectively killing people’s iPhones following the software upgrade could potentially be viewed as an offence under the Criminal Damage Act 1971. The act makes it an offence to intentionally destroy the property of another.

European Parliament Agrees to Glyphosate Re-Approval for 7 Years

"This is an outrageous gamble with the health of European citizens... it also goes against the wishes of two-thirds of EU citizens. Today it is big corporations like Monsanto that have won and the health of European citizens that has lost."

European Parliament agrees to glyphosate re-approval for 7 years

gmwatch.org, 13 April 2016

The GUE/NGL Group had advocated a total ban on the substance

This vote to re-approve glyphosate for 7 as opposed to the usual 15 years is non-binding on the Commission and EU member states, but arguably carries moral weight. The EU member states will take the final vote.

While this is not the ban that we and many groups wanted, the Parliament asks for significant restrictions on glyphosate use:
· No approval of non-professional use
· No approval in or close to public parks/playground/gardens
· No approval where integrated pest management systems are sufficient for necessary weed control
· Strict limitations on pre-harvest applications (desiccation), which are deemed unacceptable.

Outcome of vote on glyphosate an “outrageous gamble”
GUE/NGL, 13/04/2016

Texas Fracking Numbers: 10 Billion Pounds of Chemicals, Many Carcinogenic, Injected Underground, 120 Billion Gallons of Water Used Since 2005...

Jeff Jacoby with Texas Campaign for the Environment and
others protested against pro-fracking legislation outside the
state Capitol in Austin last year.  (Rodolfo Gonzalez/Austin
Texas fracking has used 120 billion gallons of water since 2005, while producing 15 billion gallons of wastewater in 2014. And at least 2.5 billion pounds of methane, which contributes to global warming, were released in 2014.  Ten billion pounds of chemicals — many of them carcinogenic — were injected underground as part of the drilling process.

Texas fracking numbers are mind-boggling, but what do they really mean?
by Jeff Mosier , Dallas Morning News, 
14 April 2016

Environmental groups have analyzed the data and come up with a set of staggering numbers to illustrate the impact of fracking in Texas.

Ten billion pounds of chemicals — many of them carcinogenic — were injected underground as part of the drilling process.

United States: 40,000 Verizon Workers March in Largest U.S. Strike in Recent Memory to Protest "Corporate Greed" of Communications Behemoth

"Corporate greed is them constantly getting raises as
executives, growing profits, yet crying poor," said a call
center employee in Delaware.  
Verizon has made $39 billion in profits over the last three years.

40,000 Verizon Workers Strike Against Corporate 'Race to the Bottom'
by Nika Knight, staff writer, Common Dreams, 13 April 2016

Tens of thousands protest Verizon's plan to cut middle class jobs despite raking in billions in profits

Verizon workers across the East Coast marched in picket lines on Wednesday in the largest U.S. strike in recent memory to protest the "corporate greed" of the multinational communications behemoth.

Verizon has failed to negotiate a fair contract with its employees despite making billions in monthly profits and multiple concessions on the part of union members. Verizon employees' contract expired eight months ago and talks over a new contract, which have gone on for ten months, broke off last week.

Victims of HPV Vaccine in Japan Will Sue State and Vaccine Makers Merck and GlaxoSmithKline

Victims of HPV Vaccine in Japan Will Sue State and Vaccine Makers
by Rishma Parpia, thevaccinereaction.org, 
13 April 2016

In the U.S., the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has been a subject of controversy from the very beginning after Merck’s Gardasil vaccine was licensed in 2006.1 Japan is one of the many nations raising concerns about HPV vaccine following persistent reports that girls are suffering severe adverse effects after getting vaccinated.2

Controversy Surrounding Safety of HPV Vaccine in Japan

Here is what happened in Japan in a nutshell. In December 2010, the HPV vaccine (both Merck’s Gardasil and Cervarix manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline) was provided at no cost to Japanese girls between the ages of 12-16 years old. In April 2013, the vaccine was officially included in Japan’s national immunization program. However, two months later, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publically announced that it had decided to withdraw its HPV vaccine recommendation.3 The decision was in response to numerous reports that formerly healthy vaccine recipients were experiencing alarming side effects ranging from short-term memory loss to paralysis.4 In October 2013, a special taskforce was formed to investigate the side effects of the HPV vaccine.5

14 April 2016

Children’s Hospital, the Third Largest Pediatric Center in the United States, Fails to Live Up to Mission

Following is first an extract from an article by Jack O'Dwyer, then a full article about Children's of Alabama, the third largest pediatric center in the U.S., which is not living up to its promise of educating about children's health, totally neglecting to mention anything about the dangers of Wi-Fi and other radiation.  

Children’s Hospital Fails to Live Up to Mission
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 12 April 2016

Children’s of Alabama, a major pediatric center, is not living up to its promise to educate about children’s health because there is nothing about the dangers of Wi-Fi and other radiation on its website but plenty about lightning, bike safety and poison snakes.

The mission statement of the third largest pediatric center in the U.S. says it is to “provide the finest pediatric health services to all children in an environment that fosters excellence in research and medical education. Children’s will be an advocate for all children and work to educate the public about issues affecting children's health and well-being.”

Wi-Fi Now Confab Bars Press; FCC Commissioner Told

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel.
["She has never been quoted saying that
caution must be used by children with
cellphones and computers."]
©ITU/ M.Mouton
Wi-Fi Now Confab Bars Press; FCC Commissioner Told
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 14 April 2016

The Wi-Fi Now 2016 conference April 19-21 in Tysons Corner, Va., after giving O’Dwyer’s press credentials, has withdrawn them after being told O’Dwyer’s would raise health issues related to Wi-Fi, cellphones and other radiation sources.

The press boycott poses a problem for Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, who is to give a “Fireside Chat” Thursday, April 21 from 11 to 11:30 a.m. at the Sheraton Tysons Corner Hotel.

Claus Hetting, of Hetting Consulting, Denmark, chair of the conference, has told O’Dwyer’s that discussion of health issues related to Wi-Fi is barred from the conference. Barred are presentations by any electromagnetic radiation health advocates.

Such a boycott should not be allowed in America. An O’Dwyer staffer should be able to cover the Rosenworcel talk and ask questions.

“Wired Health Now 2016” Is Set

Europe: Almost 17% of Pedestrians Use Their Smartphones in Road Traffic

Almost 17% of Pedestrians Use Their Smartphones in Road Traffic
by editors, citiesofthefuture.eu, 9 April 2016

Many pedestrians in Europe are distracted by their smartphones while crossing the street, according to an international survey by DEKRA Accident Research in six European capitals. Almost 17% of the nearly 14,000 pedestrians monitored used their smartphone in various ways while in road traffic.

Following an initial small-scale pilot study in Stuttgart, teams from DEKRA Accident Researchconducted the survey in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome and Stockholm. In each capital, pedestrians were observed at three different downtown locations, and their smartphone use was documented. The surveys were performed at busy intersections and pedestrian crossings near the city center, at public-transport stops and at train stations, where levels of pedestrian density are at their highest.

Survey by DEKRA Accident Research in six European capitals
  • Almost 17% of pedestrians use their smartphone in road traffic
  • Younger age groups generally more frequently distracted than older ones
  • Cellphone use lowest in Amsterdam and highest in Stockholm