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28 March 2016

EU Study Shows that Distraction Whilst Driving Has Become a Major Cause of Car Crashes

EU study shows that young drivers are increasing distracted whilst driving – and this has become a major cause of car crashes
deirdreclune.ie, 16 March 2016

Texting while driving makes you a staggering twenty-three times more likely to crash!

Ireland South MEP and member of the EU Transport committee Deirdre Clune has cited an EU report presented to the EU Transport committee which flags driver distraction as a growing contributing factor in road crashes. The report cites the use of Mobile phones, smart phones, GPS systems and the installation of more and more devices in cars as the primary culprits when it comes to distracting driver’s attention from the road.

The Ireland South MEP has appealed to people to put the phone down this Paddys Day weekend, “According to the Road Safety Authority of Ireland, making a call whilst driving makes you four times more likely to crash. Texting makes you a staggering twenty-three times more likely to crash!

“The EU research shows that drivers spend some 25-30% of driving time on distracting activities, of which conversation with passengers accounts for about half. A third is linked to things outside of the vehicle and about a fifth is technology related, including mobile phones. Levels of distraction among young road users are higher than those among middle-aged or older users.

“The European Commission study issues a series of recommendations aimed at tackling driver distraction such as publicity campaigns around the dangers of using mobile technology whilst driving and tougher penalties and legislation. “New technology in cars such as collision warning, lane departure warning and emergency braking systems can play a key role in reducing distraction, but they are no substitute for careful driving.

“The study does examine the potential for phone-call blocking systems in cars and advanced driver warning systems (such as eye movement detectors) and details how effective they can be, but their low levels of availability mean that they currently have little impact on crash figures. “The Ireland South MEP has reiterated a previous call by the Road Safety Authority to put the phone down for the journey and stay safe behind the wheel.

Link to EU report:


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